Hello, my name is Tobias Ruano, and welcome to my Blog! Here I will post about topics I’m currently studying or trying to learn more about. So, if you find anything wrong just let me know and I will fix it.

Why Blog?

To be honest, I was never the kind of person that liked writing, I’m still not. But i’ve read countless of times that the best way to learn about a specific topic is to try an explain it to someone. My problem is that all the people that surrounds me does not understand anything about computers, so I found my self a bit of a problem.

“It took me some time to realize that this would be an alternative solution to my problem; well this and maybe start a youtube channel, but i’m really not good on camera.”

What’s next?

I’m currently working on some proyects for university and some personal iOS proyects, so you can expect to see some post about that. I currently do not have a timetable on when those post will be up and neither i’m setting a deadline, at least for now.

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About Tobias Ruano

iOS Developer - Student.

Buenos Aires, Argentina